What My Cat’s Miraculous Turn-Around Taught Me The Importance Of What We Put In Our Mouths


Increase vitality and health through a keto diet
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It started two years ago. My nine-year-old cat started to pee everywhere.

Every morning my poor kitten’s litter box was soaked with urine and he was drinking all the water I could give him in his water bowl.

I took my sick little guy to the vet, where he was diagnosed with type II diabetes. They shaved his fur and put a blood sugar monitor on his skin. I left the vet with not only my cat but with insulin, syringes, and an expensive bill.

After several days of daily insulin injections, he was better but still having pee accidents.

I decided to do some research and came across a vet online who had cured his cat by simply changing his food. He recommended getting rid of any food that had grain in it. I looked at my vet’s expensive food, and it had grain! I ran to Petco and found a grain-free cat food.

Over the next few days, I fed my kitty the grain-free food.

At the same time, I decreased his insulin while monitoring his blood sugar. In three days his blood sugar returned to normal levels and he hasn’t peed outside his litter box in the two years since.

I subsequently researched and learned a lot more about how eating the wrong foods can cause the potentially deadly condition of insulin resistance in our pets and ourselves. Thanks to my cat, I’ve been inspired to improve my health by changing what I put into my mouth.

Was eating grain negatively affecting my health?

I have a neuropathy condition where the nerves in my feet are starved of oxygen, and my feet go numb. I researched and found that diabetes II can cause the disease. I haven’t been diagnosed with diabetes as it is probably only in its early stages. However, I found it can be caused by insulin resistance due to too much sugar and simple carbohydrates.

I was damaging my body by overeating bread and carbs

Too many carbohydrates, especially sugar and refined flour, spike blood sugar, causing the body to secrete insulin to persuade fat and muscle cells to process the glucose(sugar). The body becomes resistant to insulin, and bad things, including diabetes, can develop.

I cut out grains, bread, sugar, and simple carbs. I increased good fats, protein, and complex carbs such as fresh vegetables. I realized later this regime had a name — the Keto diet. I lost 40 lbs, the feeling in my feet is back, my energy is up, and I am more mentally alert.

Will it work for you? I don’t know. I am not a doctor. But both my cat and I are enjoying more health and vitality.



Carl Gerber (aka Kristopher Raphael)

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