Are You Tapping Into the Incredible Power of Inner Knowingness?

How to Access Balls of Knowledge

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Have you ever desired to ramp up your ability to tap into your inner guidance? You can. Everyone has inner guidance available to them. You simply need to know how to access it. And, you must let go of trying to find the inner guidance in your thinking apparatus, your mental body.

Here is a quick story of how it opened up to me, followed by tips on how you can access your inner knowingness.

It was a hot, dry day in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was jogging on a dusty road winding its way through the high desert. At 7,000 feet altitude, my sweat quickly dried in the arid air. I decided to try a meditation technique I liked. I had always practiced it while quietly sitting. I was curious to see if I could do it while running. I began deepening my breath, slowing it down, and moving the energy up and down my spinal column. I had been running for about 20 minutes. It took some effort to control my breathing as the running sped it up.

After a few minutes of moving the breath up and down my spine, I took a large breath. At the same time, I moved my focus up my spine to a point a few inches above my head. As I held my focus above my head, what felt like a giant ball of energy formed. The energetic ball slowly descended into my head. As it did, the ball became a vast body of knowledge. The ball of knowledge was so large that it took my mental body more than a week to process it and turn it into concepts I could grasp. It contained answers to questions I had about spirituality and so much more.

What I experienced is not uncommon. I had tapped into what Indian Yogis refer to as Chitta, pure intelligence or cosmic knowledge. Robert Monroe, a pioneer of astral travel in the 1960s, coined these balls of knowledge, ROTEs, or ‘related organized thought energy.’ The knowingness is unstructured knowledge. Unlike our thoughts, it does not come from our memory. Sometimes the balls of knowledge are huge, like giant balls of twine, and take time for the brain to unravel. At other times they can be a flash of knowingness. In both cases, the knowingness exists above thought.

One of the biggest challenges in accessing your inner guidance and knowingness is confusing it with your thoughts. Inner knowingness is very different than thoughts. When you understand the difference, it is much easier to access your guidance.

Knowingness is a ball of knowledge. When it comes, it comes as a whole. The mental body dissects the knowingness into ideas and concepts consisting of thousands of thoughts.

Thoughts are sequential. One thought follows another. Knowingness comes all at once, often in a flash. Depending on the size of the knowledge ball, it can take our brain considerable time to give it structure as it forms concepts and thoughts. Thoughts seem to occur quickly. But, when you receive a large ball of knowingness, you realize how slow thoughts really are. A giant ball of knowingness can take the mental body days, even weeks, to unravel.

When you expect knowingness to be in the form of thoughts and focus on your thoughts for answers, you may miss a flash of knowingness when it comes. Thoughts are too slow to keep up. When I first received a ball of knowingness, it came in an instant. But, it took a week for my mental body to decipher it into concepts and ideas.

“Chitta is mind without memory — pure intelligence. This intelligence is like cosmic intelligence — simply there. Everything happens because of that. It does not function out of memory — it simply functions. … Chitta is the last point of the mind. It connects to the basis of creation within you. It connects you with your consciousness.” — — Sadhguru

Thoughts Rely on Past Memory. Knowingness Is Free From Memory

Thoughts are formed by your mental body based on memory. The knowledge in your mental body is always past knowledge, your memories. When you read something, for example, your mental body takes what is being said and associates it with what you have in your memory banks, your past. Your mental body always attempts to mold the knowledge you receive to the past knowledge you have in your memory banks.

Because everyone has different information in their memory, which is the past, everyone interprets the knowledge they receive differently.

Knowingness is free from past memories. It only exists in the now. As long as you are identified with your thoughts, you are stuck in the past. Because knowingness exists only in the now, you will often miss flashes of knowingness as you are lost in thought, not present in the now.

When you observe your mind, you may notice that it is constantly trying to figure things out. Many people spend years trying to figure out their life’s problems, and more often than not, they never do. This is because the mental body is using the same old data that caused the problem in the first place.

The beauty of balls of knowledge is that they bring fresh, new data into the system. They are not dependent on what you already have in your memory banks. If thoughts impact your reality, bringing new seeds for thoughts into the system help you create a life more to your liking. New knowledge can transform old patterns and their corresponding life problems.

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The first step to accessing your inner knowing is understanding it is an entirely different function than thought. The second step is to make space for your inner knowing to come. To do this, loosen your identity in your thoughts. You are not your thoughts. Your thoughts are mostly just past data that no longer exists in the now.

As you break your identity with your thoughts, you free yourself up to be present in the now moment. The longer you stay in the now moment, the more you will be able to sense when a ball of knowingness is coming.

Flashes of knowingness can come at any time, and they often do. The problem is that we miss them when we are identified with our thoughts.

You can also facilitate knowingness by doing meditation and breathing processes. When I first accessed balls of knowledge, I ran the breath up and down the spine while running and focusing above my head. I no longer need to run or use breathwork to access inner knowing. But in the beginning, it worked for me. My wife uses a different process.

Find what works best for you. But, more important than the technique, stop identifying with your thoughts, emotions, and body. They are yours, but they are not you. You are a multidimensional being that can access pure knowledge on frequencies far above the plane where thoughts exist.

Having the ability to be your own guide through inner knowing is empowering and liberating. Through inner knowing, you become the architect of your life.

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